Startup Marketing Lab

360 Marketing Expertise & Execution customized for your Brand

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A selective and curated program for newly funded D2C startups


Discovery & Fit Assessment

Discovery Call, Scheduled by Applying to the Program

Deep dive on company’s USP, current stage, internal processes, needs and goals + target KPIs

Auditing of Accounts (if applicable)

Internal Assessment of Project’s Potential & Fit + Decision to move on to Stage 2

Marketing Strategy Development & Proposal

Assuming fit is concluded from discovery, our team will begin deriving an all encompassing and customized marketing plan, which will be presented and discussed

Onboarding & Execution

Team introductions and alignment on ways of work (communication expectations and platforms of choice, overview of SOPs and processes, decision flow, and POCs).

Once onboarding is complete, our team will feel like an extension of yours.

Iteration and Adjustments

Based on the company's growth, directional changes, market shifts, our team will consistently consider and propose adjustments to the scope.


Upon determining partnership fit from the discovery process, our Team will thoroughly take all factors into consideration to strategize and derive a marketing plan with a customized scope of work, encompassing a mix of the following services that fall under our expertise.

Creative Services

  • In depth and customized creative strategy for each platform
  • External Partner Management and Coordination with Client’s internal team (if applicable)
  • Creative briefing for client’s internal team to execute & produce
  • In-House Editing & Production support on content assets
  • In House end-to-end content production
  • Creative feedback and direction on individual assets
  • Reporting on best performing ad assets and AB testing results

Affiliate Program Set Up & Execution

  • Strategizing and Deriving Incentive Program from scratch
  • Platform Set Up
  • Custom link Creation & Conversion Tracking
  • Reporting of affiliate commissions to be paid
  • Relevant creator research sourcing & recruiting to the program

Media Planning & Execution

  • Media Plans for a full funnel strategy
  • Execution of media buying campaigns (brand and performance) in the following platforms:
  • Amazon
  • Meta
  • Tiktok
  • Google Search
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit

Social Media Management

  • Strategizing of posting schedule and cadence based on content backlogs
  • Relevant caption strategy and execution according to aligned brand voice
  • Posting across Meta and Tiktok management
  • Community Engagement
  • Response to comments representing target and aligned brand voice
  • Commenting on relevant pages to drive engagement and enter ‘hijack’ relevant community discussions

Back Office & Account management

  • Dedicate account manager
  • Ensuring scope delivery to the highest standards, reporting of results, and up-to-date awareness on company developments to be factored into the marketing strategy
  • Responsive daily with weekly check-in calls
  • Asana board structured for transparent visibility on ongoing work and project progress 
  • Website Management
  • Pixel Installations & Conversion Tracking Set Up
  • Structure & Content Updates (Copy, Blog Uploads, Design)

Amazon Store Management

  • Store Set Up
  • Inventory Tracking, Management & Coordination
  • Creating and updating A+ Content based on new content assets & skews
  • International Expansion


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